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My name is Asbjoern, and I've been doing custom music for many years, working on a number of platforms and serving as a music supervisor for many world-leading brands.

For projects that didn't have huge budgets for music, I discovered that royalty-free music had evolved a lot since I initially came across it. The quality had gone way up, and buying great-sounding tracks was now just a few clicks away.

Only problem: With some sites featuring 50,000 individual files or more, finding the good stuff took ages!

That's why I created this site. Based on my years of experience in creating and choosing the right music for commercials and advertising projects, I hand-picked my favorite tracks.
And instead of you having to wade through myriads of genres, you can go straight to the tracks that work well with your production.

I hope you find this site useful - and if you have any questions or comments, contact me via the form on the right.

Happy listening,

- Asbjoern

Composer & founder,

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